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lettuceEATsalad - 365 day's

I am super excited to embark on this challenge I have set for myself. It is not a New Years' resolution; I don't get behind those. It is a focus on eating more vegetables.

We often fall off the diet wagon because the changes we want to see are too tricky. The act of eating a carrot is not what is hard, but the routines we have established don't align with our goals. Then we lose motivation to plan meals or chop veggies. After a long day, we walk through the grocery store and mindlessly grab "the usual."

365 days of salad eating are meant to try out new recipes and find healthy go-to dishes that require minimal effort. I anticipate creating new habits, so I mindlessly make healthier choices. As a result, the junk I choose will be pushed aside.

I don't have the brainpower to plan out a unique plan every day, so here are some of my guidelines:

  • Open a cookbook and follow along (don't subscribe to someone else's service)

  • Make at least two salads each time you prep. I love the quart size, wide mouth salad jars to store them (hint look at the second-hand store and save $$)

  • Find a friend; I have asked two people to join me for parts of this journey

  • Not all salads have lettuce

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